About us

BioBandits has been producing the best organic sauces and dressings since 2011. With our products it is super easy to make something special out of every meal. Just use some fresh ingredients and choose one of your favourite or a new BioBandits product. We produce all our products based on their specific recipes in our own factory. We only use real and pure ingredients to get that well known rich BioBandits flavour. After filling the bottles we enjoy labelling them with their distinctive and cool labels. Now it is easy to recognise our bottles and jars in the supermarket and they look cool on the dinner table.

Recently we added some real mayonnaises and delicious ketchup varieties to the range. And you can now find our completely unsweetened and vegan products in the assortment. In this way you can still enjoy your sauces with rich flavours even with your healthy lifestyle.


Sauce makes food tasteful!


You will find us at the following upcoming events this year: