Portfolio Category: BBQ

Organic Smokey BBQ

A real smokey BBQ sauce, from now on also available as organic sauce. Who else but BioBandits could not wait to create this variety! Sweet, slightly spicy with a typical smoke flavour it is the number one in the charts for every BBQ addict. Slowly cooked spare ribs or sandwich pulled pork can be served…
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Organic Chili Mango

An almost Caribbean sauce, typical BioBandits and nothing to compare it to. Sweet and full of juicy mango with a good bite of pepper. Picture yourself barefoot on the beach enjoying shrimps with this summer magic sauce. It also turns your chicken skewer into an exotic dish, serve this with a salad, fries and cool…
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Organic Chili Garlic

There is no BBQ party without the Chili Garlic. This sauce brings you the combination of the two best ingredients for a grill sauce. The burger, fresh fish, sausages and veggies all prepared on a hot charcoal grill will taste twice as good with this perfect BBQ sauce. We made it cool with the brand…
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