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Egg Free Mayo Lemon

As may be expected by the look of the bright green label, this vegan mayo is surprisingly fresh and zesty. Made with the best organic lemon juice, but yet with a mild taste. Delicious with oven baked pumpkin or on a sandwich with grilled spring veggies. [ingredients] Water, sunflower oil* (38%), lemon juice (6%) rice…
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Egg Free Mayo Chili

This is a really hot vegan mayo. Based on the original of course, completed with the finest chili peppers to get this characteristic hot variety. Great as a spread on every sandwich, with grilled mushrooms or as a dipper with sweet potato fries. Developed for a veggie lifestyle with a bite. [ingredients] Water, sunflower oil*,…
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Egg Free Mayo

Finally French fries with real vegan mayo are a treat. BioBandits creates this mayo without eggs, but maintains all the other essentials for a good mayo in the recipe. This one actually tastes like real mayo. After many years spent on development, it is available in the supermarket now. Use it in a vegan dressing…
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